Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Day #6- Final Day in Paris

Our 2nd and last day in Paris. Here is what was on tap for Tuesday: 
  • Paris bus tour 
  • Paris Frangrance/Perfume Museum 
  • Montparnasse Tower Top of Paris tour (tallest skyscraper in Paris)
  • Notre Dame Cathedral 
Here are Ashley Valentine's thoughts on the day in bold italic: 

I woke up my friends so they could turn the alarm off, the bed was way too comfy, as was the shower. Breakfast wasn't as good as usual but edible. We loaded a coach bus driven by an expert driver named Mark (and yes, our route required an expert). We drove to the Arc de Triomphe to pick up our tour guide, Brian. His dad was from New York, which explained his name, but not his love for the Red Sox. He was amazing and talked in great detail about the history of so many sites in Paris. For example, he showed us the square where MarieAntoinette was decapitated, and how the building nearby had to transfer Mónet's paintings through their roof due to a miscalculation of their door size. He also went into detail about how Napoleon was crowned and some rules of gothic churches like Notre Dame (the back must be facing the west, and the front must face the east). 

The Arc de Triomphe.. Besides the history behind this Napoleonic structure there is an interesting fact that this crazy busy rotary has a rule that if anyone gets in an accident here it is automatically a 50/50 incident regardless of who is at fault. There is no way to prove who is in the wrong at this ridiculously busy and large rotary. 

Outside the Arc de Triomphe are stone engravings of all Napoleon's battlefied victories. 

After saying thank you and waving goodbye to Brian and Mark, we went to a perfume museum. After learning about the process of making concentrated perfume, and learning that it takes about one ton of raw materials for one liter of extract, we went to the Montparnasse Tower. 

Some of the samples at the Fragonard Perfume Museum in Paris. A guided tour of the perfume and cologne making process, samples, and plenty of shopping. About half the students bought perfumes and soaps handmade at the museum. 
Montparnasse is the tallest building in Western Europe, at a staggering 59 floors. We went to the very top to get a 360 view of all of Paris, and its placement is ideal (it is in the center of Paris). 

The Montparnasse building in Paris. The tallest and only skyscraper in Paris. The people of Paris were concerned about the effects of skyscrapers on the Paris skyline. While the building is certainly tall the attraction is the "lift" (elevator) to the top and the top of building viewing area. 

The view of the top of Montparsnesse of Notre Dame cathedral. 
View of the Eiffel Tower from Montparsnesse. 

Mrs. McCann and the overlooking the city of Paris from the Montparsnesse rooftop viewing area. 

We then took the metro to the Notre Dame Church. I didn't think Paris could get more beautiful, well I was wrong. This 851 year old church left me absolutely speechless. With its high ceilings, pillars, stained glass windows everywhere, and gargoyles surrounding, I took around sixty pictures of just this church. My friends and I hunched our backs for a funny picture, and ducked when about thirty pigeons flew over us at once (obviously afraid of their defecation). After finishing up at Notre Dame, we headed to a pub nearby and had a really very tasty and filling meal, finished off with some creme brúlee. We stood in a crazy crowded metro for a good thirty minutes and finally got to the hotel to sleep and wake up early tomorrow for London.

                Here's some of the 100's of amazing pictures the     
            students took inside Notre Dame Cathedral:

      The stonework, woodwork, and stained glass inside Notre Dame are incredible. 

Jillian lighting some candles inside Notre Dame. 

             Finally here are some additional pictures of just our walking tour and dinners from the day: 
Assabet left their mark on the Bridge of Locks.. A bridge lovers go to and throw the key into the river thus locking there love forever.

Mrs. Nykiel and Isabelle enjoying a coffee and cappuchino in a quaint French coffee house during a short free time breaks. 

Some students stopped for authentic French crepes on one of our walking tours. 

This guy takes his nutella and banana desserts very seriously. Two students said these were to die for. 

Our dinner entree at a nice French restaurant just outside the city. Savory beef meat with a type of au gratin potatoes. 

Creme brulee for dessert. 

Some students enjoying their creme brulee. 

Another great but long day in the books. Completed another 8 miles on foot today. Our last night and day in Paris and as Ashley mentioned above certainly a memorable one.

Wake-up time at 5:30am tomorrow and heading to London via the underwater subway system.
Another big day planned:

  • Trafalgar Plaza in London
  • the London Eye (carousel ride) 
  • Jack the Ripper tour
Till tomorrow. Thanks for reading! 

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